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Showing a house on a rainy day? Here are our tips!

Showing a house on a rainy day? Here are our tips!

Rain doesn’t have to stop you from showing a home, but it will change how you do it!

When the rain just won’t go away when you are showing a home, you have to do things a little differently.

Things that aren’t noticeable on sunny, clear days are suddenly very obvious when it is pouring outside. Issues with water drainage are hard to miss when it’s coming down outside. Be sure to clear gutters and down spouts of leaves, lost Frisbees and debris, and to clear street storm drains’ edges of any yard clippings that are blocking the way, so that the roadway near the home or even in front of the home doesn’t give a false appearance of flooding.

Standing water is also noticeable once the rain stops. These mosquito breeding grounds ought to be dispersed as soon as possible so that you don’t end up with swarms of the pesky insects!

Be sure to have the porch lights on even if it is early in the afternoon, you don’t want to scare off potential homebuyers with a dark and gloomy house that will look drearier in the bad weather.

Keep booties on hand to cover up any wet, muddy shoes. You don’t want to leave dirt tracks throughout the house or on the carpet. If you don’t have booties, perhaps start a trend of having everyone, even yourself, go barefoot! Get comfy and cozy, while it is rainy out!

While potential buyers may not be able to fully experience what the exterior of the home is like while it’s storming, they can still get to see all of the inside and get a feel for the home. Try to take advantage of the poor weather and make the home cozier, slightly warmer than if it weren’t raining, you don’t want viewers coming inside after getting wet and freezing while walking from room to room.

Remember, you can always schedule another visit on a day with optimal weather for the outside!


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