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New York New York!

As some of you may know a couple of us have come to the Big Apple for a Coldwell Banker Convention called #GenBlue. We are all very excited to learn more ways to better serve you as clients, and of course sightsee New York HaHa, but ultimate goal being bringing home knowledge, new real estate tools, and one I love NY shirt.

Anyway Im only in my first class and I’m taking away so much info I’m on overload 20 minutes in! But I was told a quote and I wanted to share it with you and ill be sharing other great finds as well throuought the conference, if that’s ok? ( don’t worry funny pics willbe posted too!)

ok so here it is…” Loyalty isn’t built through a plastic card, it’s built through amazing experiences.”


Whoa! Huh? We do strive to give each of you a great real estate experience and hope you feel a part of the Cherry Team Family before and after you work with us.  We’d love to reminisce with you! So please share our story! And please don’t throw away our plastic card they’re kind of expensive haha.


talk to ya soon From New York! We will be #changingtheAppletoCherry


Times Square


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