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Money, Money, Money,Mon-ney!

Yet another reason why you should purchase a home here in the Brazos Valley!  Oh I’m sorry did you need me to explain more? 🙂 How about this, Brazos Valley Housing Finance Corporation has $25 Million for loans for a Mortgage Credit Certificate Program available for the counties of Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Robertson and Washington! This Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Program provides you as the homeowner with 50% of your mortgage interest back in the form of an income tax credit for the life of the loan! (And a shout out to #BrazosCountyFinancingCorporation because the state program gives back 30% and they decided to give 50% in our area!) So what does that Mean? Basically you get a credit of about $150 a month or more in savings, or up to $2000 a year in a tax refund for the life of the loan! Um, awesome?!?

There are requirements to qualify for this MCC Program of course. It’s based off of household income ranging from $60-$69000 depending on size of family, house being purchased must be primary residence, you do have to qualify for a mortgage loan, and a first time home buyer (not owning a home in thepastthree years). Also you cant go to any lender and ask for This MCC credit; only trained and participating lenders can assist you. Need to know a lender that can help? Well keep reading because we work with Janelle Carver at Cornerstone Home Lending who can help! Cherry, Katie, Hayley, Kathy and Julie have all had experience working with Janelle and their clients in obtaining this MCC and would love to help you! Kathy was able to take advantage herself whenshebought her new house! (Talk about experience!)

I know this is a lot to take in so please give us a call and we can talk about how to save you some money, money, money, mon-ney! (And get some back too!)


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