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    Life Span of Appliances


    Hey everyone Katie found this in #HGTVMAGAZINE and we thought it was AWESOME! It relays how to find out how long your #appliances will usually last, and how to keep them going for an extra few years. Ranging from a hairdryer to range; make the investment or not to make the investment that is the question. 🙂

    The scans weren’t coming in to well so let us know if you can’t read the “Keep It Alive Longer” or “Time For A New One If:” sections!

    Buying a new house? Should we also purchase a new washer/dryer or keep the rickety one we already have? According to this a washing machine/dryer should have a life span ranging from 8-12 years! And I found this interesting on your dryer: “Time For A New One If:” ” You need two repairs at once, like a new motor and a new timer. In that case, it’s more cost effective to replace the whole thing”!! Pretty sure my husband was trying to save money and has replaced our timer twice and motor once! We should’ve just bought a new one!!!! Thanks #HGTV!

    (Full size picture below)


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