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Bug Be Gone!

Ironically 6 of our team members have a new place to call home all at the same time! So we promise when we say, “We know what you’re going through” WE KNOW WHAT YOUR GOING THROUGH 😉 (By the way anyone need any moving boxes?? lol) One of our running jokes in the office, is what new creature have you found in your house today? We’ve got grasshoppers, snakes, skunks, bugs, bugs (don’t know what type we just know bugs), mice, and my worst fear; spiders…AAHHHHHHHHHHH! One thing as a new homeowner you always want it a bug free home! But sometimes the cost of pest control is crazy or like some of us we got kiddos and don’t want the pesticide inside our home. Well we came across 10 natural ways to rid of pests 😉 Hope this works for ya, but I gotta go. I’m on the hunt for some oranges to get rid of my two sized (baby and extra large!) brown, scary spiders!!!





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